Who are we?

We are TEAM PARAPOLY! We enjoy story telling through pieces of media, such as short films or games!

We're a small indie team but we are always up to collaborate with other teams, and even work on projects we are interested in! 

Some of our projects include: 

What are your links?

You may find our social media below! This list is expanding depending on where we publish or post updates, news, etc.

If any of these links are broken please contact us through Twitter, Discord or E-Mail!


Twitter | YouTube | Itch.io | Discord | Game Jolt | Patreon 

Do you allow mods/fangames of your projects?

Yes of course! We allow all sorts of mods of our games as long as they aren't offensive or anything controversial.
The only requirement we ask is that you credit us on your mod and/or fangame and don't put ads on your mod! 

If you happen to find a mod that does not properly credit us or that it's got controversial topics, etc. Please send an email directly to Vander over on this following email(s):